The Philippine archipelago is divided into three island groups: Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.It is Wednesday 21st February 2018, after 18 months in the planning I have finally arrived in the Philippines.

My intentions are to settle here for many years, it is all a new experience for me, in my view that is what life is all about, it has always been an inherent part of my life to fill it with new chapters, new experiences and meeting people with differing beliefs. The cultural diversities of the many people I have met have enabled me to view life and hence live my life with a less inhibited or suppressed approach within its content.

There are many ways to approach your life, there are certain rules to obey, these include basic morals, some categorize these pointers into religions or rule books, ultimately the principles to follow are human instinct, the rights and wrongs, the good and evil within us all, balance these and formulate your own beliefs and approach, you do not necessarily need to be a religious person to be good, just recognize what is good and what is evil.

There, now you may understand that I do attempt to write without any religious or political bias, there are times however that it is necessary to behave and respect the political and religious beliefs of others, when visiting particular cultures and countries is a strong example, this is probably a good reason for not being curtailed into any one belief, I will leave this thought for you to question and contemplate.

Ultimately it is a continual learning process, share what you learn only when it is beneficial to others.

Finding Home, this title has not been chosen because I have no home, it is merely that as many of us I strive to improve or change my domicile. I have had homes in the UK and other countries, the most prevalent of which have been Spain where I lived and worked over a period of 16 years, 3 years in Torrox Pueblo and most of the remainder in Marbella and surrounding areas.

In 2016 working circumstances gave me little choice other than to return to the UK, within 6 months I had formulated my next plan of action, the place to move to was firmly set in my mind, the Philippines.


Why the Philippines?


Many factors influenced my choice, apart from comments of friends I have met over the years, geographically it would place me where I could visit other countries of interest to me, being positioned in the Asia’s makes India, Malaysia, China, Thailand, Australia to name a few more easily accessible now I am living in the Southern Hemisphere, even Chile and South America can be more easily incorporated into a travel itinerary than if I was based in Europe.

These are some of the places I have often considered visiting, now I have made it more viable and have chosen to spend the latter years of my life exploring this part of our world whilst based and calling the Philippines my home.

Whilst connecting and chatting with others via social media who have moved to the Philippines and made it their home, many are originally from the US, I began to understand the life style, the best way to learn about a place is to talk to the indigenous population. This is how I first met Beth and her family, it has also influenced my choice of destinations within the Philippines.

My first home here is near Ozamiz in a small place named Lupagan, from here we will visit Davao with the intention of settling in Samal.

Within the following pages these and other experiences will be cataloged, the factual and often humorous elements will hopefully be both entertaining and of interest to the reader, it may even be a source of influence, I know that many of my actions have been influenced by other great people I have met on my travels.

Take Action, waiting for the right time to do something often results in it never happening. Choose, focus & do it, at least begin a plan of action, the ultimate goal may change but at the very least a positive outcome is now in sight and possible and now more achievable.

Follow my insights into some places I visit.


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