Purok Access 2019

The locals are excited 

Lupagan Chris Thomas dream house started

On arrival in February 2018 I had little idea of what and how things would develop. What I did want is to make a positive difference.

Now in April 2019 a return to the UK is imminent, many people are pleased & excited about the changes being made in their Purok and continue the project.

“The major enhancement that has effected the ongoing daily lives of over 90 residents here is the creation of an easily usable path which many of them helped to build.”

This short video gives you an insight into how things are developing, although I am returning to the UK with the intention of continuing my travels, the project here will be continued by the locals with continual updates & contact with myself, at some stage in the near future I will return here and hopefully get full residency.

For a better viewing experience play videos on a PC as using a smart phone offers a distorted viewing experience.

A view around the Purok

This short video will show you around Purok 5 and we chat with some of the neighbours, let’s see what they think about the local changes in their neighbourhood.


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