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Many of us have a desire to write a book about chapters in our lives, the travels, our experiences, an adventure. Your experiences may influence others to do the same or avoid doing it.

Whatever the reason I wish to share my experiences with you with the intent to maybe influence your next adventure.

I know it has been on my mind for many years and I have always found an excuse for not committing and excuses are not to be made, generally I avoid making excuses as I believe an excuse is just another word for laziness.

I am publishing my first of a sequence of books in the ‘Finding Home’ series, the subject content will be based on real life experiences with the intention of providing content of interest, humour as well as being a tool for making your future adventures happen.

In addition to the ‘Finding Home’ series there are a few short stories that although based on fact and personal experience are embellished with fictional characters and content to satisfy and exhaust my more imaginative story telling ideals. I hope this will satisfy and exhilarate readers of fiction. 

Finding Home Customs Criminology Book designAn example with a snippet is the part fiction book ‘Customs & Criminology’.

To view them you will see I have categorised them as My Books in the categories list in the right hand margin or click the shaded button here MyBooks

Influence – the capacity to have an effect on the character, development, or behaviour of someone or something, or the effect itself.

My aim here is to share with you the process and development of my fist book.

For all aspiring writers I will share with you the fundamental tool as I use for creating a publishable book copy, this tool is great for all kinds of written commentary like pamphlet or news-letters for the local community or a business such as real estate.

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On occasion I will send subscribers snippets of my book for your perusal and feedback, your feedback is important to me so in addition I will send you other useful files and links to similar content.

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