Coconut Deflection

Mangos & Coconuts can effect access

Having established that there is no internet access a new plan has to be put in operation, get connected.

The day internet Filipino accessof connection had arrived, 5 Filipino workmen stood in the garden and surveyed the area for a best route of connection and where to run the cable. James translated the surveyors opinion, “a wooden post is needed”, to me this translated as we need to install our own telegraph pole.

After going through possible options such as using one of the trees, it was pointed out that this is not an option as they are mango and coconut trees, the problem would be that the mango’s and coconuts would fall onto the line.

After a few futile attempts at suggesting possible solutions like installing some kind of coconut deflection mechanism it was made very clear that this inventive approach would not be cost efficient, indeed even if it worked.

Now we had agreed that the survey was clear and internet connection was possible subject to having a telegraph pole all was well.

Our new plan required us to purchase the aforementioned pole and installing that prior to the engineers re-visiting.

We got our pole, instead of the expected wooden telegraph pole we opted for a more manageable scaffold pole, Beth’s brother dug the hole, cemented the foundations and installed the pole. All this was done leaving little time between the cement foundations setting and the engineers visit, I admit I did have my fingers crossed when the engineer started his accent on the ladder which was now fully dependent on the pole’s sturdiness.

All went well and the cable was installed with all the accompanying internet cable connectedboxes, router and telephone. The engineers and a few locals suddenly went into a deep serious conversation, “we’ll be back tomorrow,there is a fault with the line and our company doesn’t pay overtime, see you tomorrow at 9 am”.

Well, I simply nodded in courteous acknowledgment to the proposal and could do no more than wait.

Saturday morning 9 am, true to their promise the engineers arrived, at one point I counted nine people in my front room, two of which where inquisitive neighbours, why so many engineers where needed I didn’t question.

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