Lupagan Barangay Election Day (BSKE)

BSKE Barangay At Sangguniang Kabataan (SK) Elections Lupagan barangay electionThe BSKE is upon us.

BSKE Barangay At Sangguniang Kabataan (SK) Elections Lupagan barangay election

The BSKE is effectively a local council & youth council election day in the Philippines.

A Barangay is the smallest administrative division in the Philippines and is the native Filipino term for a village, district or ward.

So many candidates to choose from for such a small area, I am not complaining, in the UK we have one local councillor for a considerably larger area being the town, it is what I am used to and seeing seven effective councillors for a village is a bit difficult to get my head around, oh well maybe that explains why it takes so long to get official things done .

Each Barangay has 7 elected active representatives, in Lupagan there is a choice of 23, the top seven are positioned.

Helping Hands

I was talking to a local Filipino resident and YES ingenious to the Philippines, I asked if the current elected councillors did a good job, the answer was a resounding NO, after a brief exchange of smiles and giggling, from a list of current councillors, that was delivered to my door, they underlined 3 of the 7 who were of any use or at least doing something for the local community and making a progressive difference.

I have very little understanding of politics but one thing is for sure, the global political view does not change from country to country, some politicians are good some are not so good.

Running for Election

A gentleman arrived, with his entourage of Filipino campaigners, at my doorstep. We chatted for a short while and he explained he was looking at being elected as Captain of Council, I was still a bit unclear as to whether he was running to be elected or campaigning on behalf of an already pre-elected campaigner SK Chairwoman Jyl Marie Lusing (aka “JYL-JYL”). I then realised that he, Protacio Revelo (aka “TACIO”), was campaigning for both the SK (Youth Council) and for the Council looking to replace the current captain Boboy Elmedolan.

My unbiased VOTE

In light of my political knowledge and mind set I arrived to a conclusion to VOTE for “TACIO” to be the next Lupagan Barangay Kapitan, he is a retired Cruise Ship Captain and happens to be the cousin of a friends deceased husband.

If you have any advise or thoughts on what should be done in your Barangay, what has been promised and not delivered or who you would like to see elected and why then please comment and share your opinions with us below.

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For more information regarding the current political structure within the Philippines follow the Useful link(s) below.

Useful link – From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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