Lupagan Private Beach

Walking amongst Mango trees

Lupagan Philippines Private Beach 2018

A short walk from our house and entering into what is effectively someones garden of Mango tree’s, just past their house Irish pointed, with arm outstretched, exclaiming with some excitement in her voice “LOOK! the sea”. Looking through the tree’s there it was, the sea, what was new to me was not seeing the sea but it being so close to the trees, actually at the back of someones garden.

“I’ve just re-read what I have written and it does seem that I write about Irish as if she is 12 forgetting she is a young lady of 19 years & starting her final year at Misamis University this year.”

I am a bit of a water baby and love getting in the deep end, having said that ILupagan Philippines Private Beach 2018 could have walked several hundred feet and the water would barely cover my knees, it is however low tide, without getting the local Almanac out, judging by tidal water marks  the tide range here is about 6 foot.

In this area the water was a bit murky and not crystal clear as I had expected, the sea bed is muddy as you would expect in an inland lake, maybe the clarity of the water is better at high tide. It is very salty, more so than I remember the Med to be and warm as in comfortably cool, being salty gives you more buoyancy, lying in the water is extremely relaxing and is lovely for my old joints & bones 

Being more familiar with the Mediterranean with sandier sea beds and clearer water  you definitely knew you where in the Philippines as there are a few trees in the sea. Incidentally many beaches along the Costa’s in Spain are naturally stony and the sandy beaches are created with imported sand, generally pumped  in from the surrounding sea bed further out.

Family Outing

This was our first family day out, I say family because I have been integrated into the Filipino Sarabia family and refer to Beth as my wife along with her daughters and sons as if they are my own.

Lupagan Philippines Private Beach 2018 Family photo“My facial expression in this family shot looks a bit strained as I was holding my camera at arms length.”

The couple in the background are Beth’s daughter Ailyn (Shanielyn) with her husband James holding their son Alex (aka Xander), I’ve include a separate photo of them so they don’t feel left out, I do love them all as family equally however I will make an additional comment regardingLupagan Philippines Private Beach 2018 Shanielyn James Abdul James as it is with his help I am establishing my business ventures here in the Philippines and consequently you will see his name and picture related to my business ventures outside of these pages.

Purely so you know that although you may see his name mentioned more frequently on business pages this is in no way to be considered as showing favouritism.

Jordan Thomas Turkey 2018Jordan is my natural daughter and is always in my thoughts, she and a friend are currently visiting Turkey.

This is a picture taken in Turkey and we all look forward to the day she visits us here in the Philippines soon, I think Jordan will stay with us for 6-8 weeks, maybe when she finishes her current studies at Brighton University.

It was first of many outings we shall have I am sure, hopefully we will be going to Hong Kong for a few weeks next year.

Visits to Hong Kong & Dubai are primarily for business purposes although I do intend to have plenty of leisure time, Malaysia is also a place I would like to see again, this time it will not be just a transfer at Kuala Lumpur, there are several points of interest I want to take in as well as catching up with some friends.


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