Rice Harvest in Lupagan, Philippines

How many times is rice harvested a year in the Philippines?

rice harvest Philippines plot ownersTwo or three times a year, depending on the weather. if there are lots of storms/extreme rain, just two. Usually May & October I think but as suggested this largely depends upon the weather, some farmers rotate their crops and sometimes leave the land bare.

The farming cycle is not unlike that used for other crops, each country has a different weather system that effects this.

As more of a city boy as opposed to a country worker I can only go by chatting with doers and reading articles, living next to a rice field I could not pass the opportunity by without satisfying my enquiring mind.

Taking advantage of my geographical location allows me to record events as they happen, I know I am pleased to answer for sure my questions, I hope you to benefit from this knowledge.

The Fields

rice harvest on big scale in PhilippinesWhen we see a rice field it may automatically be concluded that there is one owner of this vastness, many large rice fields have multiple owners, each with their own plot, some areas could provide 20 sacks of rice per harvest.


Sunday 1st July 2018 – After Rice Harvest

I added this short video to show you the rice field after the harvest, water has been channelled in preparation for the new crop, the ducks are enjoying the peaceful dip.

If you have any comments relating to the rice harvest in your area or you are actively involved and can add some further insights, maybe with comical undertones, please comment and share your opinions with us below.

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