Schoolboy Error

You can never do too much research

The information I was given wasn’t followed and I made my first fundamental error.

On arrival at Manila airport I presented my passport at customs where the official asked me where I was going from Manila to which I answered Ozamiz.

Now I find out, you either have a return ticket to your origination or to another country, that is if you don’t have a VISA. Without either you cannot enter the Philippines.

To get around this I had no alternative other than purchase a flight to Malaysia, with this done I was granted a 30 day visitors VISA after which I would need to apply and pay for another months extension.

I was asked a few questions as to why I was visiting, I told them I was visiting a friend, when I first told them I was visiting a girl friend they immediately questioned me as to her age, when I answered 50 something they chuckled and told me they only asked because it may have been a considerably younger girl and that is when new questions arise, this is all part of there security process.

Having nearly been denied entry the officer welcomed me to the Philippines.


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