Travel in Style the Filipino Way

Getting about locally can shake those bones 

Philippines tuk tuk travel io style sidecar rickshawI am familiar with using a TAXI and I always thought that London Black Cabs gave a bit of a bone shaking ride but the TAXI’s here take that to a new level.

The Filipino Tuk Tuk or as referred to locally as side-car takes health & safety to a new dimension of virtual non-existence.

Let me take you through the streets of Ozamis. We had been exploring part of the city before we headed back to the hotel.

You do need a Filipino licence to drive, getting one is straight forward, the worrying thing is that there is no official driving test required, you have little more than an eye test.

I have also since heard that there are many un-insured drivers so be aware.

TukTuk Festival

The TukTuk comes in many shapes and sizes and the Filipinos, as in all Asian countries, customise their machines, even race them.

See a selection of images here or search
[tuktuk philippines images] in your browser.

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